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I sat down to organize my mp3 files toward the end of syncing my new ipod and I ended up going through all of this old music I wrote and had forgotten. There are some songs songs I barely remember writing, but every time I've grabbed the guitar to see if I remember the progression, it has been under my fingers. Strange how that works, I guess. I might do something with these--stay tuned
my new userpic makes me really happy--thats a shot of rachel and me on the camping trip--its a small picture, but you might notice her passing out to my sweet sounds--haha--i think i decided to take it as a compliment at the time

<3 <3 <3 <3
How do people navigate the straits of higher education without learning the function of an adverb? Also, am I the only person who thinks that we would all benefit from a short answer question being added to the to the SAT along the lines of "Discuss the difference between you're and your." I'm not trying to be pedantic, but this is our language. Please respect it.

Dec. 6th, 2008

im feeling better---the arm is getting better slowly, God willing ill be back on the instrument after christmas--i have to see the orthopedist on the 17th--as far as the cold/flu thing--im still achey but not feverish and i'm just trying to kick this cough--might have to see dr mishra when i go home and get a script for some real cough medicine

8 of us are going camping tomorrow--very exciting--ken and i did some walmarting in preparation and we scouted out the site--its beautiful and overlooks lake talquin

went to the festival of lights parade downtown with rachel, dustin and janet--success--i miss going to parades--also i believe God gave dustin to me as the perfect partner in crime--were pretty funny together i think

rachel just invited me over to make cookies for the camping trip. this is going well

more later

oh i bought a fleece today and the grouper told me i looked pretty snazzy--i thought she looked pretty snazzy herself
for the first time in a while i didnt so much mind that the movie wasnt that great
make no mistake about it--i am ecstatic in the presence of another--not because i need to be---but because it's natural and beautiful and organic.
i was home for thanksgiving and a highlight was taking nellie and my mother to the farmers market to buy some more organic soap. ive been in withdrawal for two months and now i am exceedingly happy.

im also sick--but thats another story. luckily rachel brought me some soup and herbal wellness tea and i feel like i am very close to bouncing back

aaaahh <3
my orchestra went to panama city yesterday. i went even though i couldnt play. we got back around 1am. i stayed up until 7am playing mortal kombat with dustin knowing damn well the amount of work i needed to do before monday morning. i got up today around 1230pm and played some more mortal kombat and didnt start my work until about 4pm. it is currently 736pm and in these 3 hours and 36 minutes i have managed to write two papers, do my theory assignment, and practice for my sightsinging final. sooo rachel is coming over and were going to watch the hudsucker proxy, which happens to be my favorite movie of all time.

thank you very much.


Nov. 21st, 2008

"have we slaughtered truth enough?" wondered the thin pianist. she regretted the cooping of her legs beneath soundboards and desks and longed for earth, not pedals. my face was darker than hers, but she never noticed and before long she had forgotten her musical dreams for papers and women's studies, or sociology--i can't seem to remember. "would you like to go to the pictures" i would have asked if my nerves had not forsaken me in the moment. had she been a woman she would have eaten me without remorse or hesitation, but she was not, and i was not a man.

Nov. 20th, 2008

the child selfishly spins yarns to comfort herself, disregarding her environment, and how others perceive her. she wishes to God she had been born somewhere else, and takes it out on the sensibilities of people who are not deluded. she rushes to nothing, and will settle for obscurity.

bless the unclean, Lord, they know not what they do.

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